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Additional Sanctioning Resources


There are two ways to enter scores on the NAIGC website. (1) If there is only one person entering in all scores, you may use the session tool. Start at Meet Creation –> Click “Sessions” under your meet –> Scroll to the session you want and click “Show Session Scores”. From there you can type in scores for a gymnast and click “Set” 2) If many people plan on entering scores concurrently, you should enter scores from the NAIGC Scoring Page. Select the correct meet, click “General”, then select the session. From there you can find what gymnasts you want to enter scores for. Make sure whatever device they are punching in scores from is logged into an NAIGC account with judging access. Please note that our scoring software is NOT compatible with Decathlon. I would recommend that you keep track of these scores separately in an Excel spreadsheet or in Google Sheets. To view scoring results, go to, select your meet in the dropdown, select general as your meet part, select your session, and lastly when it takes you to the new page click Combined Division on the dropdown and click Change Division. You should be able then to click on any event or see team scores. If you have a projector you want to display scores in real time, just have the laptop connected to this page:

You can access our scoring system through our registration site, and from there, manually enter the scores during the meet. You also have the option to display the scores during the meet by clicking on the “Live Scoring” button on the Manage Meet page. More details on how to utilize our scoring system are explained in our new registration site tutorial video here.

NTS Hotel Booking:

If you would like us to set up hotel blocks or a booking link for discounted rooms near your event, email the NAIGC operations specialist in contact with you with the number of rooms needed (or number of attendees) and the NAIGC will take care of the rest. Contracting block hotels takes 2-4 weeks so make sure to tell us at least 4 weeks in advance.


If you would like support obtaining insurance coverage for your competition, email the NAIGC operations specialist that has been in contact with you, or and include what type of insurance assistance you need. The NAIGC will assist you in the process of obtaining insurance coverage, or provide our own insurance should other viable options not exist. This process may take up to three weeks.