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Director Elections 2019

The NAIGC is looking for hardworking individuals to run for a position on our Board of Directors. Nominees should have a passion for serving and expanding collegiate and adult gymnastics of all levels and abilities, exhibit strong communication skills, and be analytical thinkers. Demonstrated experience in nonprofit governance and leadership will be considered a strong asset.

Being a director is hard work, but it’s also rewarding. Directors are expected to attend board and committee meetings (2-10 hours of online video conferencing meetings per month) and work on assignments in between meetings. Voting occurs during monthly full board meetings that are usually 9-11 PM EST on weeknights, though we try to schedule meetings every year to best accommodate our directors’ schedules across different time zones.  Beyond the ability to impact an organization that you love, being on a nonprofit board is a great learning opportunity for students and young professionals. As we are an entirely volunteer organization, the NAIGC has a working board, and our directors are responsible not only for deciding on strategies to fulfill the NAIGC mission, but also implementing it.

Applications for the Board of Directors have now closed. The election is in progress and will conclude Apr 21 2019 12:00 am Pacific Time (US & Canada). We will distribute the results of the elections shortly after.

Election FAQ

What is an NAIGC Director? What do they do?

The NAIGC is a Non Profit organization led by a Board of Directors. Individuals on the board oversee board activities, vote on decisions and action items, and help develop the NAIGC’s strategic goals. The NAIGC is currently a working board with no staff, so directors are also expected to participate in the implementation of the NAIGC mission. Directors participate in full board meetings as well as at least one committee. There are a minimum of 15 Directors on the Board. After being elected as a Director by the membership, directors are also eligible to run for executive officer positions on the board: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. These officers have increased responsibilities and are elected by directors.


Anyone may run for a position on the NAIGC Board of Directors, regardless of previous membership in the NAIGC.


Yes! Nominations will occur on the NAIGC Discussion Email Group. Anyone may make a nomination. Please give the full name of the person you are nominating and why you believe they would be a strong director. Endorsements will be included in their candidate profile.


To appear on the ballot, you must fill out the Director Application during the nomination period (March 10th – April 4th). The membership will vote on director candidates during the election period (April 6th – April 20th). Candidates are ranked on a scale from 1-10. Candidates who score in the top 15 will become directors. We also strive to increase student participation on the board by reserving three student director spots. The three highest scoring student candidates will also become directors. Other rules concerning regional representation, approval criteria, and tie cases can be found in the NAIGC Director Election Policy.


Every NAIGC member club may vote in the Director Elections. New Clubs must fill out an initial application (typically implemented in the annual Nationals estimation survey) and will be allowed to participate in elections after a one year waiting period. Member clubs must also have paid the NAIGC club membership fee. An NAIGC member club can be a community club and does not need to affiliated with any college. All NAIGC member clubs are expected to advance the mission of NAIGC by providing opportunities for participation in post-high school gymnastics. More details can be found in the NAIGC Club Membership Policy.


Once the voting period begins, every club should receive an email with a club-specific username and password. You will be able to login to electionbuddy to vote at any time during the election period (April 6th – April 20th). Clubs can also receive this username and password at the annual meeting and can vote then. Once you submit your ballot, it cannot be changed. If you have not received an email and you believe your club is eligible to vote, please contact info@naigc.org.


You can! Alongside the directors, the NAIGC relies on additional volunteer advisors, who perform various functions on the board. The main difference between an advisor and director is advisors do not vote on board items. You may apply as an advisor anytime during the year by filling out the advisor application form. Advisor applications will be reviewed by the board multiple times during the year, the earliest of which will be in June. To be considered in time for this review, please apply by June 1st.


To help inform our membership and increase board accountability, we evaluate all board members internally and make the results on director candidates publicly available. These will be released before the election period begins. All Directors and Advisors were evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Professional Conduct: Promotes an atmosphere of unity and respect within the board; is able to move forward constructively following board decisions.
  • Judgment: Welcomes information and advice; arrives at individual decisions based on his/her own judgment; is able to articulate a coherent rationale for his/her decisions.
  • Engagement: Attends meetings; is well-prepared / does homework; actively participates / fully present and not distracted; understands and is knowledgeable about Board happenings; follows through on commitments.
  • Critical Thinking: Generates constructive ideas; communicates ideas effectively; is able to correctly summarize the ideas of others; is able to change his/her own ideas.
  • Knowledge / Resources: Has and actively shares and uses knowledge and network of resources to the benefit of the organization.
  • Initiative: Volunteers readily for tasks and completes them well; sees problems that nobody else is paying attention to and solves them.

Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and Committee Chairs were also evaluated on these additional criteria:

  • Strategic Vision: Thoughtfully plans and runs meetings; communicates long-term goals and objectives; effectively uses the leadership powers of his/her position; utilizes strengths of directors / advisors.
  • Administration: Sends agendas, pre-reads, meeting notices, and meeting minutes in a timely manner.

Who evaluated whom:

  • Each Officer rated each Director and each Advisor on attributes 1-6.
  • Each Director and Advisor rated each officer on attributes 1-8.
  • Each Committee Chair rated each respective committee member on attributes 1-6.
  • Each committee member rated their respective committee chair(s) on attributes 1-8.
  • Each director and each advisor had the option to provide comments via the open-ended questions for each other director and advisor other than him/herself.

How is the score calculated?
The following scale is used by each evaluator to assess the extent to which each evaluatee embodies each attribute. Each attribute and the total average score can range from -2 to 2, where 2 is strongly agree and -2 is strongly disagree.