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General Organization FAQs

The National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC) is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to support collegiate club gymnastics in the United States. We are dedicated to the promotion and support of collegiate club gymnastics, “for the love of the sport.” The NAIGC hosted its first annual national championships in 1989, and incorporated as a non-profit and elected its first Board of Directors in 2006. The NAIGC was recognized as a tax-exempt public charity in 2008.

The elected Board of Directors, alongside the Operations Department, run the NAIGC. Most of these dedicated volunteers are current and former college club gymnasts. Directors are elected by member clubs at the annual meeting at/around Nationals, and Operations Specialists are brought on by the Executive Director.

The NAIGC is a fully volunteer-run organization, led by 12 Board Members, an Executive Director, and many dedicated operation specialists. Board Members are elected by member clubs at our annual membership meeting, while operations specialists can apply to volunteer with the NAIGC at any time (no experience necessary). Many of our volunteers are also current and former gymnasts who participate in our programs and competitions.

The NAIGC Board is responsible for all governance activities, oversight, and long term health of the organization. There are three standing committees on the Board: Policy, Finance, and Development. NAIGC operation specialists, led by the Executive Director, run day-to-day operations and programming, including but not limited to: organizing Nationals, sanctioning competitions, coordinating professional healthcare, creating fitness and nutrition resources, maintaining competition rules, growing our sponsorship and donor base, promoting the NAIGC brand, designing NAIGC merchandise, developing resources to support new clubs, offering scholarships to incoming freshman, managing all communication, and maintaining technology hardware and software resources.

Club membership in the NAIGC is open to any adult gymnastics club in the United States, including collegiate clubs. Individual membership is open to anyone with an interest in adult gymnastics.

  • To get updates and information from the NAIGC, you should subscribe to the announcement listserv. Click here and fill out the form.
  • To communicate with other NAIGC clubs, you should subscribe to the discussion listserv. Click here and fill out the form. You can use this same page to remove yourself or change your listserv settings after you have an account.
  • The NAIGC has lots of social media pages and you can find them all here.

  • Fees paid for any part of event registration, including individual registration, team fees, and banquet tickets are eligible for a full refund or transfer within the same club. You may also transfer funds for an individual to a different club, if approved by the purchaser. We will provide refunds up to 1 week before the event for any reason. After that point, you must provide NAIGC with a reason for the refund (such as illness or injury).
  • NAIGC Club and Individual membership fees are not refundable or transferable. Errors in purchasing may be addressed if reported within a reasonable time frame.
  • Admissions to NAIGC Nationals is non-refundable.
To request a refund, please email with order details including purchaser name and the items you wish to have refunded. We will reply with confirmation of your request within 1 week of receiving your email. Refunds will be processed on the first of each month (with the exception of April 1, when they will be processed by the Monday one week after Nationals).


Individual Membership Questions

NAIGC Club membership is open to any gymnastics club with college-aged or adult participants. Individual membership is open to anyone with an interest in collegiate club gymnastics.

As long as you have not been suspended by the NAIGC, you can compete at any NAIGC meet as an Independent Student Athlete (if they are a full time student) or else as an Independent Community Athlete. Clubs should allow these athletes to compete at their meets.

We have migrated NAIGC accounts over to ScoreFlippers. If you participated in NAIGC in the 2022-2023 season, then your account as already been created in ScoreFlippers. Please follow this guide to log in for the first time, update your profile, sign your waiver, and purchase membership. If ScoreFlippers does not recognize your email address, you can create a new account using this guide.


If you have any additional questions, please email

If you had an account on for the 2022-2023 season, then an account as already been created for you. Please follow the instructions in this guide. If you are new to the NAIGC or did not participate last season, you can create a new account by following these instructions. If you have any questions, please email



More about the NAIGC

There is an enormous range of skills both within the league and within the clubs themselves. Some clubs are former varsity teams which just got cut, while others are clubs that are just starting and trying to get their feet wet. As for the individuals, some have never done gymnastics before while others have been doing it their entire lives, even training and competing at an elite level. Rules and level requirements for NAIGC sanctioned meets are at the men’s rules, women’s rules and T&T rules webpages.

Part of the NAIGC's mission is to make gymnastics accessible to everyone. All 3 of our disciplines have levels that can cater to absolute beginners. Check out our rules pages (men’s, women’s and T&T) for more information or email with questions.

Generally yes. With exception of a few competitions, the NAIGC is coed. NAIGC also allows athletes of any gender identity to compete in any gymnastics discipline. Check out our Unified Artistic Gymnastics page for more details.

Historically, anyone not affiliated with an existing club competed as part of the NAIGC Alumni Club, regardless of their alumni status. This Alumni club was created as a club for people that do not meet the membership requirements for other clubs. The majority of members competed in the NAIGC during college, but not all.

Due to growing numbers of independent athletes, we have recently (Fall 2022) changed our policies. Any full-time student not affiliated with an NAIGC club can compete as an "Independent Student Athlete". Any other member not affiliated with an NAIGC club can compete as an "Independent Community Athlete". These athletes cannot compete for a team score. Independent athletes that wish to compete as a team (such as those formerly competing from the NAIGC Alumni Club), are welcome to start a new club by following the instructions here. These clubs only need to compete or train together once per year, which includes Nationals.

Unaffiliated members may also join the NAIGC Alumni group on Facebook – it is the best way to stay up to date. If you would like to attend a meet, but do not think other unaffiliated members are going, just email the host club telling them you would like to register. You will need to pay individual entry fees and arrange your own travel and lodging. If you need to register online, follow the instructions on the Join Now page.

There are several options for obtaining insurance for yourself or your club: