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The NAIGC is excited to host Flip Fest 2021 this summer from August 13-15th in Crossville TN, and extend participation to fully vaccinated individuals only. This decision was made with careful deliberation and commitment to uphold the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct, while recognizing the impact this would impart on the organization’s membership and the greater gymnastics community.

To register for Flip Fest 2021, please login to your NAIGC account, fill out our registration form, and sign all required waivers here. If you have any questions or need assistance with registration, feel free to contact

Finally, while the NAIGC will not be requiring proof of vaccination, for the safety of all participants we are highly encouraging individuals who feel comfortable to share a copy of their vaccination card here (note that you must be signed into a google account to upload a photo on google forms). The NAIGC also reserves the right to request proof of vaccination at any time. Infractions or failure to comply may result in ineligibility from future NAIGC events.

Below is the anticipated schedule for Flip Fest 2021. Check-in will begin Friday at 3pm and check-out will be at 11am on Sunday.

Suggested Camp Packing List

• Camp attire- shorts, t-shirts, etc. (comfy, cool clothes)
• Sweatshirt OR light jacket for cooler mornings or evenings
• Bathing suit, beach towel, sunscreen, and flip flops
• Toiletries
• Bath towel and washcloth or loofah
• Pillow and ALL bedding for a twin size bed
• Alarm Clock
• Flashlight
• Bug spray
• Poncho or Umbrella