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Congratulations on deciding to start your own college gymnastics club! To get you started, we have put together a checklist of what you’ll need to help kick things off. As each school and university is different, it is a good idea to first reach out to your school’s club or recreations sports department to learn about any requirements/mandatory items that may not be listed here.

• Members
• Club officers – President, Vice President and treasurer are good basic positions which help organize and run the club.
• Representation in your school’s “Club Sports Council”
• Practice space – can be the same as your school’s Varsity team, other on-campus practice space, or an off-campus local club (USAG, YMCA, AAU, etc.)
• School approved Charter/Constitution/Bylaws
• Insurance (if not covered by your school’s policy) – options include AAU and USAIGC.
• Coach and/or Supervisor – not required by the NAIGC but may be required by your school. It never hurts to have one if available.
• Money – School fees/dues, league fees (NAIGC individual membership fee, club fee), workout facility fee (if necessary), competition fees, uniforms, and team apparel such as tshirts, sweatshirts, pants, warm ups, etc. Make a budget to help new members understand required and optional costs. Some schools may provide funding to club sports, so be sure to discuss this with your club/recreational sports department.

To Begin Click Here to create a User Account.

Once your club has been created and recognized by you school/university, you should register your club with the NAIGC. By doing so, you will be able to connect with other schools in the area for competitions as well as attend official NAIGC events such as the Flip Fest Retreat, Chicago Beach meet, and NAIGC Nationals.

First, you will need to create your club profile. To do so, please email info@naigc.org with the following information:

• Does your university know that you are starting a club? (If you have run into roadblocks with this, let us know and we will try to help.)
• Will your club be for men, women or both?
• Do you have a club website or email address that we can add to the club listing?

Next, create a personal profile on the NAIGC website (under My NAIGC) that is affiliated with your university. Let us know once you have completed your profile so that we can add you as a contact for your club. Everyone else on your club should also create a profile on the NAIGC website and affiliate themselves with the club.

Finally, you and your officers should join the NAIGC Discussion and Announcement email lists. The discussion list is where many clubs announce their meets and network with each other. The Announcement list is how the NAIGC Board of Directors communicates official organization information, such as rule changes, information about NAIGC sponsored events, and Nationals information to NAIGC members. You can encourage your other members to join the lists as well to stay informed.