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March Mad-nastics


Virtual Stars and NAIGC are working together to host March Mad-nastics, a virtual competition through the month of March 2021.


Anyone who has access to a gym (NAIGC membership not required)



Levels/Disciplines Offered:

WAGNAIGC Developmental, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8, Level 9, USAG Xcel
MAGNAIGC Developmental, Level 9, Modified NCAA
T&TNew Flyers, Intermediate Flyers, High Flyers

How to participate:
  1. Register through the Virtual Stars website
  2. Record routines anytime in the month of March
  3. Upload routines to YouTube
  4. Submit events through Virtual Stars website

Additionally, the NAIGC is working to coordinate a live stream event on Saturday April 17, to showcase performances of some of the top routines submitted in this competition. Participants would be asked to perform a live routine over a video stream, so make sure you have gym availability if you’re interested in participating. While details are being worked out, make sure to check the box on the registration page if you are potentially interested in participating in the live showcase!