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NAIGC Virtual Modified Routine Challenge

What is it?

The NAIGC is excited to announce our Modified Routines Challenge to take place during the month of February, specifically created for individuals who do not have access to a gym or  gymnastics facility. This Challenge will consist of five modified “events” to be performed outdoors (or indoors if space permits). The event options include:

  1. Acro CombinationHow many skills can you safely connect in a row?
  2. Modified BeamModified Beam routines to be performed on a line similar to a typical WAG Beam routine, excluding a mount and dismount.
  3. WAG Modified FloorModified WAG floor routine consisting of only leaps, turns, jumps and acro connections. No tumbling passes allowed.
  4. MAG Modified FloorModified MAG floor routine with non-acrobatic skills only. No tumbling passes allowed.
  5. Modified RingsModified Ring routine with home ring equipment (can be found on Amazon) that hangs safely from a doorway or pull-up bar. Routine will consist of safe strength moves. Mounts and dismounts will not be allowed.
How to participate:
  1. Read the detailed rules
  2. Record your routines
  3. Combine your routines into a single video (you can use iMovie (Mac), Video Editor (PC), or something online such as clideo)
  4. Upload your video to YouTube, Dropbox, or another platform of your choice with a shareable link
  5. Submit through the link below