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The elected Board of Directors, alongside their appointed advisors, run the NAIGC. Most of these dedicated volunteers are current and former college club gymnasts. Directors are elected by member clubs at the annual meeting at Nationals, and advisors are then chosen by the directors. The Board of Directors provides administrative and technological support for the organization, for example by maintaining the NAIGC website with registration and scoring software and a database of its membership, as well as also providing executive support by developing policies to help the organization grow strategically and meet the needs of its members. They also produce branded merchandise for sale in an online store and at meets. Most importantly though, the Board organizes the NAIGC National Championships every year, where each member club is invited to participate in an inclusive collegiate national-level meet. Since Nationals is hosted at a different site every year, there is a fair amount of logistical coordination that goes into making this meet bigger and better every year.

NAIGC Executive Officers

Tim Michaels

Vice President

Ian MacDonald


Billy Suta


Kyle Thackston


Caleb Dafilou
Heather Frederick
Tyler Green
Karen Heilman
Dane Lee
Beth Lutzow
Mason Marek
Morgan Moore
Matthew Power
Missy Preston
Julie Rolla
Ashley Ross
Ilana Shushansky
Alice Snyder
Kaitlyn Townsend


Ryan Bradley
Julianna Brodhecker
Micah Cliffe
Steven Davis
Alayna Dibo
Jenna DiStefano
Cris Dorman
Stefanie Dremel
Alex Gelz
Clint Gyory
Misha Kustin
Sydney Laired
Meghan McClure
Jacob Melvin
Slava Miligoulo
Elaine Miller
Greg Nash
Paige Nelson
John Piltaver
Olivia Ragoowansi
Amanda Reynolds
Vincent Riot
Gianna Sabidussi
Julia Sharpe
Nate Sharpe
Michael Sparapany
Stefani Tascher
Alli Tran
Suzie Wilson
Zoe Zeid