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Wisconsin Center

Milwaukee, WI

April 6-10, 2022


Due to COVID, safety guidelines, requirements, and event status are subject to change. We recommend purchasing travel insurance for all bookings.

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The community division originated because there are some clubs whose schools will only provide funding for nationals if it is a collegiate-only competition.

When the NAIGC was created, it only catered to collegiate clubs. As athletes graduated, they couldn’t find a venue for continuing the sport of gymnastics, so the NAIGC stepped up to fill that need. This is aligned with our core value of providing radical opportunity.

Allowing cross gender competition aligns with the NAIGC’s core value of providing radical opportunity. Gymnastics is one of the few sports that offers different opportunities based on gender, and the NAIGC is working to provide equal opportunity for all participants.

In order to be more inclusive, the NAIGC has a lot of complicated rules that traditional scoring software does not accommodate. This means we need to manually check results for every single event. With 5 levels in finals and 2 placement categories, this means we have 68 events to verify and only a handful of volunteers. For awards, when you add in T&T and decathlon, we have 133 groups of awards to give!

Top of session qualification requires enough information about each team to properly seed sessions. Due to inconsistency between scoring across the country, lack of sanctioned meets, and the low number of competitions offering certain levels, fair session seeding is not possible at this time.

For MAG Level 7, we don’t have enough space in finals because all levels must share the same equipment.

For WAG, we have 3 sets of equipment, which allows us to offer finals for 3 different levels. Additionally, if we reduced the numbers in finals for the smaller levels (Silver and Level 9) and had them share equipment as in prelims, then the only level without finals would be MAG Level 7, which we have deemed unfair.

NAIGC MAG, WAG and T&T no longer have uniform deductions, so wear proper attire for doing gymnastics. Athletes in all disciplines must wear tight fitting apparel that will not pose a safety threat when doing gymnastics. The judges or NAIGC rules representatives at any meet have the authority to not allow the gymnast to begin their routine if their attire is deemed unsafe. (e.g. excessively baggy clothing, dangerous jewelry, etc.)

Non-NAIGC members may purchase banquet tickets through the NAIGC store online.

You can access the Nationals waiver on the NAIGC Registration page. From there, you can click on "My Team" then click on "Meet Waivers" and then select nationals and sign the waiver on that page. Please login with the same account you used to register for Nationals.

Yes, you can find the Code of Conduct here. By signing the waiver, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of the Code of Conduct. Additionally, in order to receive banquet tickets, each team must send at least one representative to the Code of Conduct meeting during the Info Session at 9pm on Friday night.

There are several options for alumni/adults to compete at Nationals and at NAIGC meets throughout the year.
  1. Remain a part of their Alma mater's club and participate on a community team within the club.
  2. Form a community club with other alumni/adults.
  3. For Nationals: Create a temporary team to compete with people in their region, former teammates, or other NAIGC Alumni friends.
  4. Compete as an Independent Community Athlete or Independent Student Athlete, which serve as generic clubs for members not affiliated with an NAIGC club to compete as individuals.
More details can be found on our Join Now page. If you have any questions, or want help registering for a meet, please contact our Alumni coordinator Danelle at For other questions on Nationals, please email

  • Fees paid for any part of NAIGC Nationals, including individual registration, team fees, and banquet tickets are eligible for a full refund or transfer within the same club. You may also transfer funds for an individual to a different club, if approved by the purchaser. We will provide refunds up to 1 week before Nationals for any reason. After that point, you must provide NAIGC with a reason for the refund (such as illness or injury). 
  • NAIGC Club and Individual membership fees are not refundable or transferable. Errors in purchasing may be addressed if reported within a reasonable time frame.
  • Admissions to NAIGC Nationals is non-refundable.
To request a refund, please email with order details including purchaser name and the items you wish to have refunded. We will reply with confirmation of your request within 1 week of receiving your email. Refunds will be processed on the first of each month (with the exception of April 1, when they will be processed by the Monday one week after Nationals).


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