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The NAIGC is currently recruiting candidates to fill the Executive Director and Department Head positions, whose titles and job descriptions are listed below. Applications for the Executive Director are due by 11:59 PM EDT on June 8th and the selection will be made by June 13th.  Applications for Department Heads are due by 11:59 PM EDT on June 21st. Applications for other operations positions will be open by late June. If you are interested in being a part of the Operations Leadership Team please apply at the link below:

Operations Leadership Application

Operations Leadership Team:

  • Executive Director
  • Events Department Head
  • Marketing Department Head
  • Membership Department Head
  • Technology Department Head

Job Descriptions:

Executive Director (3-7 hr/wk)

  • Facilitates the organization’s day-to-day operation. 
  • Ensures all day-to-day work falls in one of the Departments.
  • Work with the Department Heads to develop operations goals, initiatives, and new workflows that will facilitate inter-department communication.
  • For any new tasks or projects which arise, ensure that work is within the scope of a Department and the appropriate role(s) is/are in place or created to complete the work.
  • Attends board meetings and represents concerns from the Departments to the Board.
  • Implements strategic directives from the Board with the Departments.
  • Enforces the sponsors, vendors, and contracts portions of the Procurement Policy.
  • Coordinates communication between NAIGC membership and the Board.
  • Can appoint or replace any Operations Specialists, including Department Heads, at any time.


Department Head (3-5 hr/wk)

  • Ensure all duties assigned to the Departments are fulfilled.
  • Work with the Executive Director to develop operations goals, initiatives, and new workflows.
  • Attend board meetings when relevant to the agenda.
  • Submit operational reports for review by the Board or agenda items for discussion at board meetings.
  • Appoint new Operations Specialists into open roles and onto Teams.
  • Act as the manager for their respective department, checking in with team members, setting goals, delegating tasks, and ensuring accountability. 
  • Create additional Teams and roles within Departments as needed.


Department Duties:

Events Department:

  • Develop and maintain the NAIGC’s event management procedures.
  • Organize Nationals and support NAIGC Sanctioned Meets.
  • Coordinate resources (software, awards, insurance, people, procedures, etc.) among the NAIGC’s sponsored events, including all Regionals and Nationals.
  • Review and revise competition rules and structures at Nationals and NAIGC sponsored events.
  • Answer emails.

Marketing Department:

  • Coordinate the NAIGC’s outreach efforts within the gymnastics community and the public.
  • Maintain and grow NAIGC’s sponsorships and donor bases.
  • Grow the NAIGC’s membership base and support new clubs.
  • Promote, manage, and protect the NAIGC brand.
  • Manage social media accounts.

Membership Department:

  • Own communication between the Board and NAIGC members (monthly announcements, info@, scholarship@ emails, office hours, town halls).
  • Develop and analyze surveys to get information from our membership.
  • Manage Human Resources for the NAIGC.
  • Administer the NAIGC Scholarship Program.

Technology Department:

  • Develop and maintain the NAIGC’s technology (computer-related) resources and ensure that these resources are available for use.
  • Responsible for IT support tasks that help operations and the board of directors run effectively and efficiently.
  • Fabrication and maintenance of hardware resources.