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Regional Coordinator Elections 2019

Regional Coordinators work to facilitate inter-club communication on the regional level and two-way communication between member clubs and the Board of Directors. Each of the seven NAIGC regions has one regional coordinator, elected by member clubs in that region. Regional Coordinators are considered NAIGC Advisors (non voting board members), though an elected Director may serve as a Regional Coordinator. Responsibilities of the regional coordinators include maintaining an active club roster, overseeing Regional Championships host selection, and assisting with the Nationals registration.

Regional Coordinators are elected in the same manner as Directors and during the same time frame. The nomination period will end on April 4th. After April 4th nominations will close and you can no longer add to the director election ballot, regardless of whether you were nominated. The election will run from April 6th – April 20th, and every NAIGC active member club will be given the opportunity to vote within their region. To nominate someone for the regional coordinator, you can email their nomination and endorsement on the NAIGC Discussion Email by emailing naigc-discussion@naigc.org (only members of the group may post). If you have any questions about the director elections, please email info@naigc.org.

If you would like to apply, please fill out the Regional Coordinator Application Form.

Applications of the nominees will appear in the spreadsheet below.