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Restructuring Overview

Over the next month, the NAIGC will be holding annual elections for the Board. Each NAIGC member club will receive one vote. This year, we are making some updates (outlined below) to support our future growth. For the upcoming election, there will be 11 open board positions: eight one-year terms, and three two-year terms. 

Board Election Timeline

  • April 16: 9 p.m. EST – virtual Annual Meeting
  • April 16: Nominations open after the annual meeting
  • May 1: Nominations close
  • May 4: Virtual Board Member candidate speeches and Q&A
  • May 4: Elections open
  • May 12: Elections close

Regional Representatives will also be elected according to this timeline. These positions, previously called Regional Coordinators have been revised to focus more on representing the membership interests to the NAIGC. More details can be found in the Regional Represenative Policy.

Up until now, the NAIGC Board consisted of voting Directors elected by the membership, and non-voting Advisors appointed by the Board. The new structure will split the NAIGC into two main categories: Governance and Operations. Governance will consist of elected Board Members who will run the Policy, Development, and Finance Committees.

Operations will consist of volunteers to handle day-to-day workings of the organization through four main Departments: Membership, Technology, Events, and Marketing. Each department contains multiple teams that operations volunteers may choose to be a part of. An appointed Executive Director will oversee all operations tasks and act as a liaison to the Board. This chart illustrates the new structure.

The NAIGC is an all volunteer organization and we hope this new structure energizes more people to get involved in the organization. Full policies as well as additional information about the different tasks the Board will take on vs the Operations Departments are available on the Election 2020 page.

Thank you for your continued support of the NAIGC. We are excited for the future with this improved structure.