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2022 Upcoming Virtual Events

The NAIGC is offering several virtual events this season to promote competition while minimizing the risk of COVID. Participation is open to all. More information on each event can be found below.

Virtual Alumni Happy Hour

The happy hour is Saturday

Dates: March 19th from 9-10PM EST

Join the NAIGC for our second annual Virtual Alumni Happy Hour on Saturday, March 19th from 9-10PM EST! It will be a fun filled hour of socializing with fellow alumni, playing virtual games, and more! We can’t wait to see you there! For questions, please email 

Register by March 19th

Previous Events

NAIGC Chellsie Challenge The NAIGC is proud to team up with Olympian and All Around Champion Chellsie Memmel to create a special NAIGC Chellsie Challenge this February! Chellsie will be posting her challenge on February 8th. Throughout that week, we encourage athletes to post videos of themselves completing the Chellsie Challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #NAIGCChellsieChallenge2021 and with the @naigc tag to be featured on our story!

NAIGC Strength Challenge The NAIGC is excited to present our first virtual event of the year, the NAIGC Virtual Strength Challenge! The event was designed to promote gymnastics competition while minimizing potential COVID exposure. This event consists of both at home and in the gym options, so those of you unable to safely leave your residence can still compete. Event rules and guidelines can be found here. Frequently Asked Questions and answers can be found here. If you have questions regarding this or other virtual events, please reach us at We look forward to viewing your submissions!

NAIGC Judging Q&A Have questions about skills and routine composition? Join us on January 10th for a live Q&A with certified MAG, WAG and T&T Judges excited and ready to answer all of your questions! In addition, each gymnast is allowed to submit a video of themselves performing ONE skill prior to this event for judge feedback. To sign up for this event, upload a video, and get an email with the zoom link, please fill out this form.

Virtual Stars Competition – NAIGC Gymnastics Jan-boree Virtual Stars and NAIGC are working together to host the Gymnastics Janboree virtual competition in January 2021. Athletes are encouraged to submit videos of their routines at any point throughout the month of January, and certified judges will judge these routines and provide scores and feedback. Athletes will be welcome to submit MAG, WAG, and/or T&T routines for any level the NAIGC offers for $10 per routine. Awards will be provided for each event and level that has at least three participants. Registration can be found here:

Virtual Stars Competition

NAIGC March Mad-nastics

Dates: March 1 – March 31, 2021
Register by March 31

Create-Your-Own-Event Challenge

The NAIGC is very excited to watch our virtual events come into fruition this year, despite the many challenges faced by the COVID19 pandemic. As we approach the later half of our season, we would like to open up the opportunity to membership to submit their own virtual event ideas! Guidelines are as follows:

    • The event should not require gym access to participate
    • The event should be related to gymnastics or fitness
    • Be as creative as possible

Please submit all event ideas here by March 31st along with a brief description of the event including guidelines on rules and scoring. The most creative (and feasible) event idea will win this challenge, and the NAIGC will invite the winner to work with us to turn the winning idea into a unique and fun event for our membership. Moreover, the creator of the winning event will receive a $25 giftcard to the NAIGC store. Feel free to reach out to with any questions.

NAIGC Live Showcase

Join us on Saturday, April 17 to cheer on our fellow gymnasts during a live streamed showcase. The event will take place virtually while participants perform their gymnastics over a live stream. The event will include audience participation in submitting votes for various awards for athletes. Link to the stream is here:

NAIGC Virtual Modified Routine Challenge
Dates: April 2nd-16th, 2021

This event is specifically created for individuals who do not have access to a gym or  gymnastics facility. Of course, anyone can participate!

Virtual Alumni Happy Hour

The happy hour is Friday

Dates: April 16th from 8-9PM EST

Join the NAIGC for our first ever Virtual Alumni Happy Hour on Friday, April 16th from 8-9PM ET! The theme of our happy hour will be “Throwback To The 90’s”, so come dressed in your favorite 90’s inspired outfits. It will be a fun filled hour of (virtual) socializing, games and even gymnastics. We look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Hour + Donation

Would you like to donate to the NAIGC?

2021 Alumni can contribute any amount to support the costs of running our organization. Please consider contributing if you support the work we are doing, including virtual competitions and challenges; NAIGCFit; the NAIGC Scholarship Fund; and MAG, WAG, and T&T rule guides and tutorials.


Monday, April 12: Spirit Day Submit a photo or video of your team showing their pride and spirit for your club, while practicing safe social distancing. Example entries are team cheers, a poster, collage, hype video etc. Creativity is encouraged, including the use of Zoom to ensure group safety! If more than one individual is represented in a video and said individuals want to participate in the event, only one submission is required, but the submitter must list the names of all participating individuals that wish to receive a score.

Entries judged based on creativity and quality (if chant, all in unison, posters have nice photo shop, doesn’t look cobbled together etc.)

Tuesday, April 13: Olympic Day Submit a video of yourself reenacting your favorite Olympians routine on any event, an interview, light hearted moment, or coach impersonation. Routine videos do not need to feature actual skills – for example, instead of a double double on floor, participants could execute two backwards somersaults followed by a standing double twist. The more creative the better. Make sure to include a link to the referenced video clip as well in your submission.

Entries judged based on creativity and similarity to intended clip.

Wednesday, April 14: Flexibility Challenge Submit a video of a photo of you demonstrating the peak of your flexibility. As always, creativity is encouraged.

Entries judged based on creativity and level of flexibility (e.g. over splits valued higher than regular splits.)

Thursday, April 15: Can you go viral? Challenge Submit your best effort of a gymnastics related video that could go viral within the gymnastics community. Submissions could be demonstrations of grand improvement, most difficult skills, tik tok based challenges, fail videos, etc.

Entries judged based on creativity, and their ability to blend with internet culture.

Friday, April 16: Surprise Chellsie Challenge Submit your video of the Chellsie Challenge!

Entries judged based on how closely you can replicate Chellsie’s challenge.

NAIGC Recreate A Famous Floor Routine Challenge
Dates: May 1st-May 31st, 2021

This event is specifically created for individuals who do not have access to a gym or  gymnastics facility. Of course, anyone can participate! Become your favorite gymnast and recreate their floor routine! Check out the rules page here or fill out the entry form here.

Submit by May 31st
Back to the Basics Challenge
Dates: June 1st-19th, 2021

The NAIGC is excited to host our Back to the Basics Challenge from June 1st to June 19th, in partnership with Amanda Danner, winner of the Create-Your-Own-Event Challenge. The Back to the Basics Challenge emphasizes the core of gymnastics – basics, while promoting a fun and safe way for gymnasts of all levels to participate in our beloved sport. This challenge invites you to perform any combination of 6 basic MAG and WAG skills, or alternatively 10 basic T&T skills on a trampoline. Please check our detailed rules and guidelines here and submit a video link here to be judged on technique, execution and creativity. As always, only compete skills that you can safely perform! If you have any questions, please contact

Submit by June 19th
NAIGC Creative Balance/Handstand Photo Challenge
Dates: June 20th-June 26th, 2021

This event is specifically created for individuals who do not have access to a gym or  gymnastics facility. Of course, anyone can participate! Flex your creative muscles and show off your best gymnastics photo. Submissions should include some sort of balance or strength move. Find more information on the rules page here or fill out the entry form here. If you have any questions, please email

Submit by June 26th
Virtual Stars Competition

2022 NAIGC February Competition

Dates: February 1 – March 1, 2022
Registration is open from January 1 – March 1, 2022

Anyone who has access to a gym (note: you must be an NAIGC member to be eligible for awards)


Levels/Disciplines Offered:
WAGNAIGC Developmental, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8, Level 9, USAG Xcel
MAG NAIGC Developmental, Level 9, Modified NCAA
T&TNew Flyers, Intermediate Flyers, High Flyers

How to participate:

  1. Register through the Virtual Stars website
  2. Record routines anytime during the month of February
  3. Upload routines to YouTube and share publicly with #VirtualStarsGymnastics in the title or description
  4. Submit routines through the Virtual Stars website 

All routines must be submitted by midnight PST on March 1st, 2022. 

For any questions, please email