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Volunteer Overview


  • Much of this work is new. Board Member candidates need to be willing to learn about applicable laws and non profit best practices and develop new processes and systems.
  • Must serve on at least two board committees – Policy Committee, Development Committee, Finance Committee.
  • May serve one additional role or be on one team in operations.
  • Cannot be a Department Head (large role in operations).
  • Cannot be Executive Director (large role in operations).
  • Given that 2/3s of their time will be spent on policy, finance or development, this work should excite board candidates.
  • About 1/2 of the board members will need to hold a position (President, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair, Secretary, Policy Committee Chair, Development Committee Chair), so consider your willingness to run for 1 of these positions or step into a role if needed.
  • Terms for 2021 elections will be 1 or 2 years, with a maximum of four 2-year terms selected

Policy Committee

  • Review and develop governing documents for consistency with applicable laws and organizational practices.
  • Ability to communicate complex / technical / legal concepts in plain English.
  • Enjoy analytical debates of what others might consider a boring topic.

Development Committee

  • Develop KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the organization.
  • Research other non-profit best practices, attend non-profit seminars / conferences.
  • Develop and implement a year-round recruitment strategy.

 Finance Committee

  • Ability to read financial statements (income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements) or willingness to learn.
  • Knowledge or willingness to learn about 501 3c non-profit laws and develop fundraising / sponsorship processes that fit within applicable laws.
  • Officers and Committee Chairs are authorized to appoint additional Advisors at any time to help with Board projects on a case by case basis. If there is a specific project, committee, or new initiative related to NAIGC Governance that you would like to contribute to, please fill out this Application.

Not sure what to run for, click here volunteer opportunities.


  • This is the established work that we’ve been doing for years. Roles and processes are mostly defined and documented. Roles within Operations cover a broader range of topics.
  • Must serve within at least one department.
  • May work on multiple departments within Operations.
  • An Executive Director and four Department Heads will oversee Operations. People interested in these positions should apply for a role as an operations specialist.
  • Roles and teams within each Department are outlined below.

Events Department

  • Nationals Coordinator – Coordinate planning of Nationals with convention centers, hotels, equipment vendors, and NTS.
  • Nationals Team – Leader and members – Organize internal logistics of Nationals (admissions, set up / tear down, banquet, awards presentations, equipment layout).
  • Rules Team – Coordinator and members – Determine competition rules, Nationals format, safety and equipment standards; create Nationals competition schedule and book judges.
  • Event Sanctioning – Leader and members – Oversee sanctioning program.
  • Healthcare Coordinator – Organize healthcare providers at NAIGC events; ensures local healthcare provider laws are followed and appropriate licenses are obtained.

Marketing Department

  • Design Coordinator – Owns brand standards; provides direction and approval for all artistic content; designs branded merchandise.
  • Fundraising Team – Leader and members – Identify and pursue leads and close opportunities for sponsorships and grants.
  • Public Relations Coordinator – Provide strategic direction and content for social media; write press releases; coordinator media requests at events.
  • Nationals Merchandise Coordinator – Coordinate storage, shipping and sales of merchandise at Nationals.
  • Growth and Outreach Team – Leader and members – Improve NAIGC awareness; develop and distribute resources for new clubs; grow current clubs.

Membership Department

  • Communication Team – Leader and members – Facilitate 2-way communication between the NAIGC and its members.
  • Survey Coordinator – Develop and analyze surveys to get information from the NAIGC membership or greater gymnastics community.
  • Human Resources Team – Leader and members – Recruit and onboard new operations specialists; ensure implementation of mentorship program and Code of Conduct.
  • Scholarship Team – Leader and members – Administer and promote the scholarship program.
  • Regions Team – Leader, Regional Coordinators, Regional Representatives – Coordinate planning of Regionals; facilitate communication between clubs in a region and between clubs and the organization; generally represent and bring concerns of a region to the board.

Technology Department

  • IT Team – Leader and members – Responsible for IT support tasks for the organization to run efficiently and effectively.
  • Software Development Team – Leader and members – Develop and maintain software and ensure software is available for use.
  • Webmaster – Manage wordpress website (updates, user permissions, errors, plugins, layout).
  • Engineering and Fabrication Team – Leader and members – Design, maintain, and build physical assets related to IT resources.

Not sure what to run for, click here volunteer opportunities.