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Open Operations Positions Listed Here


Operations Specialists

  • This is the established work that we’ve been doing for years. Roles and processes are mostly defined and documented. Roles within Operations cover a broader range of topics.
  • Must serve within at least one department.
  • May work on multiple departments within Operations.
  • An Executive Director and four Department Heads will oversee Operations. People interested in these positions should apply for a role as an operations specialist.
  • Roles and teams within each Department are outlined below.

Events Department

  • Nationals Coordinator – Coordinate planning of Nationals with convention centers, hotels, equipment vendors, and NTS.
  • Nationals Team – Leader and members – Organize internal logistics of Nationals (admissions, set up / tear down, banquet, awards presentations, equipment layout).
  • Rules Team – Coordinator and members – Determine competition rules, Nationals format, safety and equipment standards; create Nationals competition schedule and book judges.
  • Event Sanctioning – Leader and members – Oversee sanctioning program.
  • Healthcare Coordinator – Organize healthcare providers at NAIGC events; ensures local healthcare provider laws are followed and appropriate licenses are obtained.

Marketing Department

  • Design Coordinator – Owns brand standards; provides direction and approval for all artistic content; designs branded merchandise.
  • Fundraising Team – Leader and members – Identify and pursue leads and close opportunities for sponsorships and grants.
  • Public Relations Coordinator – Provide strategic direction and content for social media; write press releases; coordinator media requests at events.
  • Nationals Merchandise Coordinator – Coordinate storage, shipping and sales of merchandise at Nationals.
  • Growth and Outreach Team – Leader and members – Improve NAIGC awareness; develop and distribute resources for new clubs; grow current clubs.

Membership Department

  • Communication Team – Leader and members – Facilitate 2-way communication between the NAIGC and its members.
  • Survey Coordinator – Develop and analyze surveys to get information from the NAIGC membership or greater gymnastics community.
  • Human Resources Team – Leader and members – Recruit and onboard new operations specialists; ensure implementation of mentorship program and Code of Conduct.
  • Scholarship Team – Leader and members – Administer and promote the scholarship program.
  • Regions Team – Leader, Regional Coordinators, Regional Representatives – Coordinate planning of Regionals; facilitate communication between clubs in a region and between clubs and the organization; generally represent and bring concerns of a region to the board.

Technology Department

  • IT Team – Leader and members – Responsible for IT support tasks for the organization to run efficiently and effectively.
  • Software Development Team – Leader and members – Develop and maintain software and ensure software is available for use.
  • Webmaster – Manage wordpress website (updates, user permissions, errors, plugins, layout).
  • Engineering and Fabrication Team – Leader and members – Design, maintain, and build physical assets related to IT resources.

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