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What is NAIGC

The National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC) is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to support adult club gymnastics in the United States. We are dedicated to expanding opportunities for adult gymnastics and pushing the boundaries of the sport. Our organizational motto, For the Love of the Sport, represents our commitment to providing a community for adult gymnasts at all ages (18+) and all skill levels. The NAIGC hosted its first annual national championships in 1989, and incorporated as a non-profit and elected its first Board of Directors in 2006. The NAIGC was recognized as a tax-exempt public charity in 2008.

The NAIGC is a fully volunteer-run organization, led by 12 Board Members, an Executive Director, and many dedicated operation specialists. Board Members are elected by member clubs at our annual membership meeting, while operations specialists can apply to volunteer with the NAIGC at any time (no experience necessary). Many of our volunteers are also current and former gymnasts who participate in our programs and competitions.

The NAIGC Board is responsible for all governance activities, oversight, and long term health of the organization. There are three standing committees on the Board: Policy, Finance, and Development. NAIGC operation specialists, led by the Executive Director, run day-to-day operations and programming, including but not limited to: organizing Nationals, sanctioning competitions, coordinating professional healthcare, creating fitness and nutrition resources, maintaining competition rules, growing our sponsorship and donor base, promoting the NAIGC brand, designing NAIGC merchandise, developing resources to support new clubs, offering scholarships to incoming freshman, managing all communication, and maintaining technology hardware and software resources.

Club membership in the NAIGC is open to any adult gymnastics club in the United States, including collegiate clubs. Individual membership is open to anyone with an interest in adult gymnastics.

To provide collegiate and adult gymnastics opportunities through competition, community building, and pushing the boundaries of the sport.

For the Love of the Sport.

Our Core values represent how the  NAIGC will achieve its mission Рby:

  • Embracing radical opportunity. Cultivating an inclusive environment that encourages and supports the participation and competition in the sport of gymnastics.
  • Offering an exceptional member experience.
  • Removing barriers to transparency and effectively communicating the rationale of decisions with our members and the public.
  • Fostering innovation and creativity to push the boundaries of the sport of gymnastics.