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Unified Artistic Gymnastics & Decathlon


The goal of Unified Artistic Gymnastics (UAG) and Decathlon is to open all events in the sport of gymnastics to any participant regardless of gender or sex. Broadly speaking, under Unified Gymnastics a gymnast may compete in any combination of events from among the ten available Artistic Gymnastics apparatus (WAG: Vault/Uneven Bars/Balance Beam/Floor, MAG: Floor/Pommel Horse/Rings/Vault/Parallel Bars/High Bar). The gymnast may combine any level of WAG with any level of MAG (but must stick to a single level within each discipline). Decathlon is now a special subcategory of Unified Artistic Gymnastics for those wishing to compete all 10 apparatus in a single competition (aka: Super All-Around). Any combination of levels can be competed, with the number of awards given determined by the number of participants in a given level combination. Please see the link below for a detailed description of the rules regarding this new format:

NAIGC UAG Rules Policy
UAG National Championships Format

Gender Definitions

Male: Any athlete who identifies as male.
Female: Any athlete who identifies as female.
Other: Any athlete who does not identify exclusively as male or female. This includes any non-binary athletes and any athlete who prefers not to disclose their gender.

Note: Any athlete who selects “Other” will be competing under the “Male+” category, since any biological advantage the athlete may have is unknown.

UAG at Nationals


New for Nationals 2024, all competition disciplines are included in a single Nationals fee. If you register for all-around in both MAG and WAG, you will automatically be registered for Decathlon.

Awards & Qualification

All participants will be eligible for finals and awards within their placement category (Collegiate Men+, Collegiate Women, Community Men+, Community Women). These categories are determined automatically based on selected gender and student status.


In prelims, gymnasts will compete their WAG events in one session and their MAG events in another session. The order of sessions does not matter and sessions may be performed on same or different days.

If a gymnast is participating for finals in both disciplines, it is the responsibility of the gymnast to be present when they are required to compete. No exceptions will be made for rotation schedules, and no judges will be delayed due to a gymnast competing in the other discipline. If the gymnast’s rotation ends and they have not competed, they will receive a score of 0.0 for that event.


The NAIGC offers all possible levels of gymnastics decathlon, with awards numbers based on the number or registrants in a given level combination:

  • If at least 6 athletes register for a level combination, 3 awards will be given.
  • If 1-5 athletes register for a level combination, 1 award will be given.

Awards are given based on level only, regardless of student status or gender. Your Decathlon score will be 5*WAG All-Around + MAG All-Around.

Please email if you have any questions. You can also learn more about the gymnastics decathlon by joining the NAIGC Decathlon facebook group.

UAG and Decathlon FAQ

If you want to be eligible for Decathlon awards, you must compete all 10 events. Otherwise, no. Now that Unified Artistic Gymnastics exists, you do not need to compete all events in order to compete across disciplines.

Scoring and rules between MAG and WAG is so different that athletes may compete different skills in their MAG and WAG versions.

Although athletes are encouraged to compete both sessions on the same day, they may chose to compete one session on each day.

We want to encourage people of all genders to explore everything the sport of gymnastics has to offer!

5*WAG All-Around + MAG All-Around. We did a lot of math to try to determine a formula that is most fair for MAG gymnasts trying WAG and WAG gymnasts try MAG.

No! The NAIGC welcomes all levels, including in Decathlon. If you take a good look at the rules, there are lots of skills for beginners to try.

NAIGC has no uniform deductions, so wear proper attire for doing gymnastics.


Please contact with questions, comments, changes, etc.