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Trampoline and Tumbling

Trampoline and Tumbling is a gymnastics discipline that was founded in 1936 and includes four events: Individual Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline, Power Tumbling, and Synchronized Trampoline. In 2000, Individual Trampoline debuted as an Olympic Sport in Sydney, Australia. The NAIGC has begun to incorporate the events of this growing discipline by offering sanctions to Trampoline and Tumbling competitions that follow the NAIGC rules detailed below.

Rules: NAIGC Trampoline and Tumbling will currently be offering Individual Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline (DMT), and Power Tumbling. Synchronized Trampoline will not be offered at this time. The judging of these events will follow USAG JO Code of Points 2015-2016 (see below), but will be broken down into the two levels and respective requirements listed below.

    • New Flyers: This level has restricted skills, no difficulty minimums or maximums, and no competency requirements. The execution of a skill beyond the scope of the level will result in a scratch. Permitted skills and respective difficulty scores are outlined in the NAIGC Official Trampoline and Tumbling Code of Points in tables 1-3(Trampoline), tables 6-7 (DMT), and tables 10-11 (Tumbling).
    • High Flyers: This level does not restrict skills and does not have difficulty minimums or maximums. Any skill competed beyond those permitted in the “New Flyer” levels must be recorded and sent in for approval to rules@naigc.org. All sanctioned competitions will receive a list of permitted skills for each athlete. Skills may be denied approval at the discretion of the NAIGC board if the skill is deemed unsafe or dangerous when executed by the athlete. Execution of a skill beyond those approved, or those permitted for “New Flyers” will result in a scratch. Skills needing approval are listed in the NAIGC Official Trampoline and Tumbling Code of Points in tables 4-5 (Trampoline), tables 8-9 (DMT), and tables 12-13 (Tumbling).

For more information regarding NAIGC Trampoline and Tumbling rules, please refer to the links below, or email rules@naigc.org.