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General Organization FAQs
What is the NAIGC?

The National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC) is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to support collegiate club gymnastics in the United States. We are dedicated to the promotion and support of collegiate club gymnastics, “for the love of the sport.” The NAIGC hosted its first annual national championships in 1989, and incorporated as a non-profit and elected its first Board of Directors in 2006. The NAIGC was recognized as a tax-exempt public charity in 2008.

The elected Board of Directors, alongside their appointed advisors, run the NAIGC. Most of these dedicated volunteers are current and former college club gymnasts. Directors are elected by member clubs at the annual meeting at Nationals, and advisors are then chosen by the directors.

The Board of Directors provides administrative and technological support for the organization, for example by maintaining the NAIGC website with registration and scoring software and a database of its membership, as well as also providing executive support by developing policies to help the organization grow strategically and meet the needs of its members. They also produce branded merchandise for sale in an online store and at meets. Most importantly though, the Board organizes the NAIGC National Championships every year, where each member club is invited to participate in an inclusive collegiate national-level meet. Since Nationals is hosted at a different site every year, there is a fair amount of logistical coordination that goes into making this meet bigger and better every year.

Club membership in the NAIGC is open to any collegiate gymnastics club in the United States. Individual membership is open to anyone with an interest in collegiate club gymnastics.

Who should I contact with questions not answered in this FAQ?

You can email info@naigc.org.

How do I get updates and communicate with the NAIGC?
  • To get updates and information from the Board of Directors, you should subscribe to the announcement listserv. Click here and fill out the form. You can use this same page to remove yourself or change your listserv settings after you have an account.
  • To communicate with other NAIGC clubs, you should subscribe to the discussion listserv. Click here and fill out the form. You can use this same page to remove yourself or change your listserv settings after you have an account.
  • The NAIGC has a Facebook fan page and a Facebook group where you can connect with members nationwide.
  • The NAIGC also has an Instagram account – follow us @naigcgymnastics!
How do I register for Nationals?

For instructions, please see the document linked here

Registration Instructions
Where can I find the registration instructions?

You can download the registration packet here.

Creating Profiles and Club Affiliations

See section one of the registration instructions, view the instruction here

All NAIGC participants should have an official NAIGC profile. If one has not been created, please do that here. The individual will need the various information when filling out. After creating the account, you will need to affiliate yourself with the correct club. The system will prompt you with a drop down menu with all clubs currently affiliated with the NAIGC.

You will then need to add your contact information (address, phone). You have the option of selecting whether or not this information can be displayed for membership to view, so please mark accordingly. We will also need to collect clothing sizes in case the NAIGC provides a clothing item for membership gift. All participants will receive a t-shirt at Nationals, so please be sure the t-shirt size is correct.

The final step in creating your NAIGC account is paying for Membership. After all of the above information is saved, the system will prompt you to a summary page. Towards the bottom it will state your current membership status (either paid vs. unpaid). Click the button to be redirected to NAIGC.org to purchase your $30 annual membership. In this area you will also find a button that allows you to edit your information and change your account password

Registering for Nationals

View section two of the instructions here

After your account has been created, you will be able to register for Nationals. There are two ways to register for Nationals;

1) Individually or 2) Club Administrator.

Please find descriptions for both below:

2.A Individual Club Member: Go to “Meet Registration” and select the Nationals meet you’d like to compete in. In order to handle the addition of Trampoline and Tumbling (Power Tumbling in 2019) and Decathlon, three different Nationals meets were created. This will display like the following on the Meet Registration page: In order to register for Decathlon, a gymnast must also register for MAG (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics) or WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) for their primary gender. There is a $10 fee for Decathlon in addition to the individual MAG or WAG fee. In order to register for T&T, you are not required to register for MAG or WAG, but T&T athletes are allowed to still register for MAG and WAG (and also Decathlon) if they so desire.

Upon clicking “Register” for the MAG and WAG meet the system will pull up your affiliated club registration information. At the bottom of the page, you will be prompted to pay your individual registration fee:
● $85 for early bird registration paid / postmarked by February 15, 2019
● $95 for regular registration paid / postmarked between February 16, 2019 and March 10, 2019
● $115 for late registration paid / postmarked after March 10, 2019

2.B Club Administrator In order to become an administrator, your current club administrator will need to go into the system and mark you as an admin. You will then be able to manage every club member’s information in regards to clothing sizes and meet registration. To register for the Nationals meet, go to “Meet Registration” and select “Register” under Nationals.

Adding Competitors

View Section Three Here

To add competitors to a meet, select the competitor and add them as an individual to meet. (You can add multiple competitors at the same time by holding down the CTRL key.) Every individual competitor must pay the individual meet registration fee

Adding Teams

View Section Four Here

All Competitors must be placed on a team. To add teams, use the drop-down menu under “Manage Teams” to select the discipline and level of the team you wish to create. Click “Add New Team”. If you are creating multiple teams of the same discipline and level you can give the team a designation, A,B,C, D, E.

Please note: clubs can choose whether or not they would like each team to compete for a team score and be eligible for team awards. Information on team structure, number of counting scores, how many competitors per event etc. can be found here. If a team is competing for a team score, ensure the top row under the team’s registration box reads “This team will have a team score,” then you must pay one team registration fee for each scoring team. If you create a team that will NOT compete for a team score (ie. compete as individuals), select “DO NOT Register for a Team Score,” which will void the cost for the team fee. Reminder: individual competitors must purchase an individual registration fee whether or not they compete as an individual or as part of a scoring team.

To add competitors to a team, find the box of a specific team you created, select competitors from the “Registered and Available” panel, and click “add” to this team. Reminder: competitors must be registered to the meet before they can be added to a team (see step # 3). Note that you can add and remove members as needed until March 10th. To make changes after this date email your Regional Coordinator or Nationals@naigc.org

Reminder: Each competitor must be placed on a “team” even if they are competing individually (ie. not for a team competing for a team score). If any individual on the left-hand side of the page under “Event Participant” is listed in dark blue, they have not yet been added to a team.

Collegiate Eligibility Verification

View Section Five Here

Club Collegiate Eligibility Verification

1. To confirm your club’s collegiate eligibility, locate the first box the top of your registration page called Registration Form for X Club.

2. If your club is an eligible collegiate club, select the yes button in the last field called “Eligible Collegiate Club?”

3. Save your selection by clicking Update Club Info.


Collegiate Eligibility Verification

1. In order to compete as an eligible team in the collegiate division,

a. A club admin must confirm that your club is recognized by your university (see Step B).

b. A club admin must confirm the eligibility status of each team member, by asserting that the member is either:

i. A full-time student at your club’s college or university, or

ii. A full-time student at another college or university without an existing NAIGC club, and your club recognizes them officially as a member of your club.

2. To confirm your team members’ collegiate eligibility, scroll down to the detail box of the team you placed in the Collegiate Division and find the second row titled Collegiate Eligibility Verification (contains red text)

3. In the “This Team” panel, select a team member and use the selectors to confirm each member’s eligibility status. Note: it will auto-save your selections as you update them, so you do not need to press save or update.

4. Repeat for each teach member until all members of that team have been verified.

Session Requests

View Section Six Here

To request specific sessions in which you’d like to compete, go to the dropdown menu below the header for each team created. You can select a first and second preference for session times, as well as enter information for special circumstances regarding that specific team’s session request. If your club has multiple teams, you must update a session request for each team.

Adding Events

View Section Seven Here

After each member has been assigned to a team, you can then select which events they will compete. Be sure to click “set event” before making selections for the next competitor, otherwise your changes will not be saved. You can verify the changes took place by seeing the events next to the competitor’s name.

Adding Coaches and Captains

View Section Eight Here

The NAIGC does not require teams to have captains or coaches, but this will allow access to the floor for any member that is not competing. If you have members that are attending nationals and would like access to the floor, be sure to set them as a coach for one of the respective teams for your club. In order to have floor access at Nationals a coach must purchase a $15 coaches membership, assigned to their NAIGC account.


View Section Nine Here

Each member will need to pay their $30 2019 NAIGC membership fee in order to participate in NAIGC Nationals, in the future this may apply to NAIGC Sanctioned Meets as well. Please note that the membership fees are separate from nationals meet fees and cannot be transferred from one individual to another.

Clubs will also need to register prior to the national meet. This fee is $75. In order to participate at the national meet, an individual will need to register and pay the individual meet fee. Fee information can be found here. If your club wishes to compete as a team, each individual will need to pay his or her individual meet fee as well as 1x team fee as noted above. In your club’s meet summary you can see which participants haven’t paid their NAIGC membership, ensure that all do.

Payment for all fees can be done by credit card or by check. Please use the 2019 NAIGC Check Submission Form if you are making payment by check. For electronic payments, please create a shopping cart and checkout on NAIGC.org, adding items from the Nationals Registration Fees section of the NAIGC Merchandise Store. Once your cart it built, you or your clubs admin can pay. Transactions for membership require member names to apply fee payments to their accounts. Please have your members create NAIGC accounts prior to submitting payment.


Liability Waivers, Banquet Tickets, and extra T-shirts

View Section 10 Here

Every competitor will need to sign his or her liability waiver prior to participating in NAIGC sanctioned events. Individual competitors can sign their forms via the link here: 2019 Nationals Waiver. Upon completing finals, awards will be given away at a banquet dinner. In order to attend, individuals must purchase a banquet ticket. Please mark “Attending” or “not attending” so the Nationals coordinator has a proper headcount.

Non-competing guests can also attend and purchase banquet tickets here. Please be sure to mark the number of additional banquet tickets if needed. Rates are as followed:

● $35 per member by March 10, 2019

● $40 per person after March 10, 2019

● $45 per non-member during any time registration is open until tickets are sold out

National participants will all receive a t-shirt, so please be sure sizes are marked correctly. If non-competing members wish to purchase a t-shirt they can either purchase at the national meet’s merchandise table or we can add additional t-shirts to your packet pick up. Same with additional banquet tickets for non-competing members. If you choose to pick up with your packet, please be sure to mark the extra t-shirt sizes and number of banquet tickets accordingly.


View Section 11 Here

We offer three levels for MAG, JO Level 9, Modified NCAA and NAIGC Developmental. If you would like to answer questions related to rules, please reference the NAIGC MAG rules page. If you have any questions pertaining to MAG rules please email mensrules@naigc.org.


View Section 12 Here

We offer four levels for WAG, JO Level 7, 8, 9, and NAIGC Developmental. If you would like to answer questions related to rules, please reference the NAIGC WAG rules page. If you have any questions pertaining to WAG rules please email womensrules@naigc.org.


View Section 13 Here

In order to keep track of Decathlon competitors, a separate meet was created under the Meet Registration page titled Nationals 2019 (Decathlon). The two level offerings are combined WAG Level 8/ MAG Developmental, and WAG Level 9/ MAG Mod. NCAA. In order to compete in this event you will have to register for Nationals 2018 (MAG & WAG) for your primary discipline, and select the level offering corresponding to the rules you would like to follow for Decathlon. More information is found on the NAIGC Decathlon Rules Page. To register you will then have to add individuals to the event and create teams for these individuals in the same manner used for the MAG and WAG meet. There will be no team competition and no need to specify collegiate eligibility, awards will be combined across gender and student status. Below is what the registration for an individual would look like.

During registration for Nationals 2019 (MAG and WAG) you should elect to purchase a banquet ticket, not on this page for Decathlon. Your registration summary for an individual will look like the following. Individual registration for this event can be purchased on the NAIGC Merchandise Store, the Competitors -Decathlon item.

Tramp and Tumbling

View Section 14 Here

This year we will be offering Power Tumbling. This will be run completely separate from the MAG and WAG competitions, but Nationals attendees will be allowed to compete in both competitions. Tramp and tumbling rules can be found on the TnT rules page. To register for T&T, select the Nationals 2019 (T&T) meet from the Meet Registration page. You will then have to add individuals to the event and create teams for these individuals in the same manner used for the MAG and WAG meet. There will be no team competition and no need to specify collegiate eligibility.

If you have registered for another meet and have elected to attend the NAIGC banquet for that meet, you do not have to select it for this meet (it would ask you to pay for it twice). Your registration summary for an individual will look like the following. Individual registration for this event can be purchased at the NAIGC Merchandise Store, the Competitors -T&T item.


View Section 15 Here

If you encounter any issues that you or this guide cannot resolve, please email nationals@naigc.org. Your request will then be forwarded to your Regional Coordinator for assistance.

Individual Membership
Who can join the NAIGC?

NAIGC Club membership is open to any gymnastics club with college-aged or adult participants. Individual membership is open to anyone with an interest in collegiate club gymnastics.

I am not affiliated with a school. Can I still compete?

As long as you have not been suspended by the NAIGC, you can compete at any NAIGC meet as a member of the NAIGC Alumni Club. Clubs should allow NAIGC Alumni Club members to compete at their meets.

I do not know my username and / or my password.

You can reset your password automatically by clicking here. If you are unsure of your username, please do not create a new username. Your previous membership fees and meet scores are tied to your current username. If you have participated in an NAIGC event such as Nationals or the Flip Fest Retreat since 2010, you already have a username – please email us at info@naigc.org to retrieve your information . If you are unable to automatically reset your password at this link, please email us at info@naigc.org and we will assist you.

I need to create a new username.

If you have not participated in an NAIGC event such as Nationals or the Flip Fest Retreat since 2010 or are new to the NAIGC, please create an individual username and password on the NAIGC Membership page here.

I previously registered a team that will no longer compete or I need to make changes to an existing team roster.

On the meet registration page, club representatives can update registration or delete teams. If a team is being deleted, please also email the meet host letting them know the team will not be competing. If you need to delete a team for Nationals, please email us. If you delete the team yourself, there may be difficulty tracking any previous payments.

What skill levels should I expect?

There is an enormous range of skills both within the league and within the clubs themselves. Some clubs are former varsity teams which just got cut, while others are clubs that are just starting and trying to get their feet wet. As for the individuals, some have never done gymnastics before while others have been doing it their entire lives, even training and competing at an elite level. Rules and level requirements for NAIGC sanctioned meets are at the men’s rules and women’s rules webpages.

I want to continue doing gymnastics, but I was never very good; will I be able to make the team?

I don’t have any experience. Is that ok?

Do men's and women's teams compete at the same time?

Generally yes. With exception of a few competitions, the NAIGC is coed.

What is the NAIGC Alumni Club?

The alumni club was created as a club for people that do not meet the membership requirements for other clubs. The majority of members competed in the NAIGC during college, but not all. There are probably about 50 members throughout the country, all practicing on their own. You can compete under the alumni club at any meet. All NAIGC members (including alumni club members) need to create an individual username and password (or just modify your current login so that you appear under NAIGC Alumni) and pay individual membership fees. Alumni club members may also join the NAIGC Alumni group on Facebook – it is the best way to stay up to date. If you would like to attend a meet, but do not think other alumni members are going, just email the host club telling them you would like to register. You will need to pay individual entry fees and arrange your own travel and lodging. If you need to register online, let us know and as an alumni club administrator, we can add you.