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We are migrating to a new system for registration and scoring! We are actively partnered with ScoreFlippers to create a tool that meets our league’s needs, so please be patient as we make this transition. Right now, we have ScoreFlippers set up so that individuals can claim their accounts from last year or create new accounts, update their info, sign the waiver, purchase membership, and register for Flip Fest. There are other features available to club managers, but we are still in the process of building guides and resources for all the members.

ScoreFlippers uses slightly different terminology, so here’s a quick list to help you navigate their systems:

  • Gym – This is what NAIGC traditionally calls clubs. We understand that clubs don’t always train at the same gym, but when you see something referred to as a “gym”, please treat that as “club”.
  • Club Manager – This is the score flippers terms for club admins. Club managers have the ability to create athlete accounts, assign athletes to teams, pay for club fees, and register athletes for meets.
  • League/Association – Our league/Association is NAIGC. ScoreFlippers works with a large number of leagues, so make sure you select NAIGC from the red menu at the top of the page.

If you need help using ScoreFlippers INSIGHT (for team management and scoring) or Meet Genie (for event registration), please look at the items listed below. They are divided into categories based on your administration rights on our systems.

General User – Most members fall into this category by default. You have access edit your profile, affiliate with a club, purchase membership, and sign meet waivers.
Club Manager – Club admins have access to the Club Management page, where they can create accounts for club members, edit club information, and pay fees for club and members. We are still in the process of setting up club manager and club management tools. This will be set up in time for the start of the coming competition season.

If you do not have an NAIGC account, you can create an account on ScoreFlippers INSIGHT by clicking the purple LOGIN button and selecting the blue REGISTER button. If you cannot find the information you need below, please contacts us at

General User

We have migrated NAIGC accounts over to ScoreFlippers. If you participated in NAIGC in the 2022-2023 season, then your account as already been created in ScoreFlippers. Please follow this guide to log in for the first time, update your profile, sign your waiver, and purchase membership. If you have any questions, please email

If you had an account on for the 2022-2023 season, then an account as already been created for you. Please follow the instructions in this guide. If you are new to the NAIGC or did not participate last season, you can create a new account by following these instructions. If you have any questions, please email

Please log into your account and purchase annual membership using the instructions above before attempting to register for FlipFest. Once you have an active membership, follow the instructions in this guide to register for FlipFest.

Gym Managers

As a Club Manager, you will not have access to your Club Management page each season until you have updated your club information and paid club membership ($100). Please follow this guide to activate your club for this season. The end of the guide shows details for updating your club information after your club as been activated.

Please follow this guide for instructions for creating accounts for NEW athletes in your club. Anyone who competed for NAIGC in the past season already has an athlete profile and will be able to login following the guide for logging into an existing account.

Meet Registration

Coming soon!

Meet Scoring

Coming soon!

Solutions for Common Issues

At this time, we do not have ACH payment setup (but we are working on it!). In order to pay with a card, you will need to remove any stored ACH information. A good indication that ACH is your issue is if you see this error message:

We have noticed that some members have been charged multiple times when trying to purchase membership. We are working on tracking down this bug, but in the meantime, if you notice multiple charges that you think are in error, please email and we will arrange a refund.

If the default password (NAIGC23) does not work for your account:

  • You or someone else may have reset the password, so try resetting it again. If you got an email that included a password, please try using that.
  • If you competed at Nationals last year, you may be one of the small number of people whose accounts did not get automatically created. If you try to reset your password but get a message that says, "We were unable to access your information. Please try again." then you do not have a ScoreFlippers account for the email address you entered. Follow this guide to create a new account.