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Competition Rules

NAIGC WAG competitions offer four levels: USAG Xcel Silver, Xcel Platinum, Level 8, and Level 9. The Xcel levels use rules, requirements and skill from the USAG XCEL Code of Points (latest version available for purchase here). Level 8 and Level 9 use the USAG Women’s Development Program Code of Points (latest version available for purchase here). Any modifications to these levels are listed below in the NAIGC WAG Rules Document.

2023-2024 NAIGC WAG Rules Document

Additionally, the NAIGC has a list of named skill additions that are exclusive to the NAIGC. To have an original skill or a variation of a skill considered for evaluation by the NAIGC, please send a video and description of the skill to If a skill is accepted and you subsequently submit a video of you competing the skill with no large deductions, it will be named after you. These skills can be found in the NAIGC WAG Code of Points Additions.


For a quick summary of level requirements, please reference this table (but use the links below for clearer details):

If you don’t know which level to choose, you can use the following table as a guide:

Experience Recommended Level
0-2 years Xcel Silver
2-5 years Xcel Platinum
5-7 years USAG Level 8
8+ years USAG Level 9

Additionally, if you placed in the top 5 on any event at Nationals last year, you should strongly consider moving up a level.

USAG Development Program Levels (Level 8/9)

Xcel Levels (Xcel Silver/Platinum)

*Note: Although the FIG Code of Points can be found online (under Code of Points, WAG for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics), these are not consistent with the USAG Women’s Development Program (previously JO) Or Xcel Code of Points. The FIG Code of Points on this website outlines Elite rules and skill values, not WDP and values.


If you’re looking for more training advice or rules explanations, check out the NAIGC Skills and Drills Facebook group to get gymnastics tips from your fellow NAIGC gymnasts and certified judges. You can also find lots of helpful tips and tricks on the @NAIGC_RulesInfo Instagram Page. New WAG posts are uploaded every Wednesday!


For those gymnasts interested in competing all ten events or both artistic divisions, see our new Decathlon/Unified division! Email directly if you have any questions regarding Decathlon or Unified Artistic Gymnastics. Also make sure to check out our Trampoline and Tumbling division.


For more information from the NAIGC Rules teams, make sure to check out our Instagram page and YouTube channel. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email

Wag Faq

The community division originated because there are some clubs whose schools will only provide funding for nationals if it is a collegiate-only competition.

When the NAIGC was created, it only catered to collegiate clubs. As athletes graduated, they couldn’t find a venue for continuing the sport of gymnastics, so the NAIGC stepped up to fill that need. This is aligned with our core value of providing radical opportunity.

Allowing cross gender competition aligns with the NAIGC’s core value of providing radical opportunity. Gymnastics is one of the few sports that offers different opportunities based on gender, and the NAIGC is working to provide equal opportunity for all participants.

The scoring software used by the NAIGC is custom to the organization because our rules are so unique in order to cater to all the needs of our members. This software is built by a corps of volunteers on top of their full time jobs. Every time we change the rules in reaction to membership feedback, major software changes are required. The board recognizes this is a huge area for improvement and has placed high priority on related tasks.

Top of session qualification requires enough information about each team to properly seed sessions. Due to inconsistency between scoring across the country, lack of sanctioned meets, and the low number of competitions offering certain levels, fair session seeding is not possible at this time.

There are no finals for WAG Xcel Silver because there is not enough participation to warrant offering finals. Space is limited and sessions are already approaching max capacity. We do offer finals for a limited number of Level 9 athletes despite lower participation, to showcase the hardest gymnastics.

MAG has no uniform deductions, so wear proper attire for doing gymnastics. A typical attire is a leotard with shorts on floor and vault, and with pants and socks on the other four apparatus. 


Please contact with questions, comments, changes, etc.