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NAIGC Decathlon Rules

In order to encourage gender equality in the sport of gymnastics, the NAIGC offers Gymnastics Decathlon. This competition is a combination of MAG All-Around and WAG All-Around, performed over 2 sessions. Each gymnast must select a primary discipline and level for which they will be eligible for Finals and awards.

Starting in 2019, the NAIGC will offer TWO levels of gymnastics decathlon:

  • High Level Decathlon: MAG Modified NCAA and WAG Level 9 (same as previous years)
  • Low Level Decathlon: MAG Modified Developmental and WAG Level 8 (NEW)

We hope that by offering this lower level, more athletes will be interested in participating! For more information, please follow the link below:

Decathlon National Championship Format

Your Decathlon score will be 5*WAG All-Around + MAG All-Around.

Please email rules@naigc.org if you have any questions. You can also learn more about the gymnastics decathlon by joining the NAIGC Decathlon facebook group.


Do I need to compete all 10 events?

Yes! But you may scratch an event if you need to.

Why do I compete vault and floor twice?

Scoring and rules between MAG and WAG is so different that athletes may compete different skills in their MAG and WAG versions.

Do I need to compete both sessions in the same day?

Although athletes are encouraged to compete both sessions on the same day, they may chose to compete one session on each day.

Why “MAG” and “WAG” instead of Men’s and Women’s?

We want to encourage people of all genders to explore everything the sport of gymnastics has to offer!

How is my score calculated?

5*WAG All-Around + MAG All-Around. We did a lot of math to try to determine a formula that is most fair for MAG gymnasts trying WAG and WAG gymnasts try MAG.

Do I need to be really good to do this?

No! The NAIGC welcomes all levels, including in Decathlon. If you take a good look at the rules, there are lots of skills for beginners to try.

What kind of uniform should I wear?

MAG has no uniform deductions, so wear proper attire for doing gymnastics. WAG gymnasts should compete in a leotard or singlet. Shorts are allowed, but should be black or match the main color of your top.