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Events Department and Outreach Department


Much of this work is new. Board member candidates need to be willing to learn about applicable laws and non profit best practices and develop new processes and systems.

This is the established work that we’ve been doing for years. Roles and processes are mostly defined and documented. Roles within operations cover a broader range of topics.


• Serve on at least 2 board committees
• May serve one additional role or be on one team in operations
• Cannot be a Department Head (large role in Operations)
• Cannot be Executive Director (large role in Operations)

• Serve within at least one department
• May work on multiple departments within operations

Selection Procedures

• Elected by general membership for either a 1, 2 or 3-year term

• Chosen by Operations Leadership Team (Executive Director and Department Heads)
• No specified term length, but recommend at least a 1-year commitment

Committees /

• Policy Committee
• Development Committee
• Finance Committee

• Events Department
• Marketing Department
• Membership Department (including Regional Coordinators and Representatives)
• Technology Department


• Appoint and oversee Executive Director
• Set strategic vision
• Review and develop governing documents for consistency with applicable laws and organizational practices
• Develop KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the organization
• Oversee NAIGC budget and financials
• Research other non-profit best practices

• Plan and execute nationals and other events
• Communicate with NAIGC membership
• Promote NAIGC brand and implement growth initiatives
• Oversee NAIGC technology
• Oversee Internship program
• Identify sponsorships and grants